For sizing, measure the circumference of your upper thigh.


No More Boardshort & Surfboard Rail/Wax Rash!!!   
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Extreme Sports Team
Sizes                                         Measurement
XS                                                  14"-17"       X-SMALL SOLD OUT FOR SEASON
 S                                                     17"-20"     SMALL SOLD OUT
 M                                                    20"-23"
 L                                                     23"-26"    LARGE SOLD OUT
  XL                                                   26"-29"         XL SOLD OUT

Features non-slip gripping "strips" to hold sleeve in place with a snug fit. Surfers benefit from the protection SurfSleeve offers against boardshort & surfboard rail/wax rash.

Light weight to fold and fit right into your boardshort pocket. You can pull them out, even in the line up, and put them to use. 

Finally, an excellent alternative from wearing under shorts (tights) in warm water.

SurfSleeve- The first in rashguard sleeve style protection from boardshort & surfboard rail/wax rash.

Please take a look at our Links page for SurfSleeve reviews and Benefits of Use page for more info.

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