No More Boardshort & Surfboard Rail/Wax Rash!!!   
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Extreme Sports Team
Benefits of using SurfSleeve®


Our Development Goal

To combat boardshort & surfboard rail/wax rash without having to wear under shorts (tights)!


Our goal is to give surfers another option when surfing in warm water. After doing extensive research and development there is now an excellent alternative from wearing tights. SurfSleeve.

                      Benefits of SurfSleeve

  • Easily fold and fit into your boardshort pocket
  • Easy on, Easy off-  Even in the line up! 
  • Allows your boardshorts to move around, no sticking, which produces rash
  • Protects inner legs from surfboard rail/wax when moving from sitting to paddling
  • No need to change out of quick dry boardshorts, under shorts (tights) remain damp
  • Avoid purchasing overly priced boardshorts that claim “less rash” or the claimed "no rash"- wear any boardshort you like
  • Dries quickly for another session- Why not... You're in the Tropics!
  • Affordable leg rash protection


Traveling to the Tropics... Don't forget your SurfSleeve




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